Lesson 2: 5 a day

Watch this week’s video, where Helen explains everything about getting your 5 a day.
What’s your favourite fruit or vegetable?


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Can you think of a fruit or vegetable that starts with every letter of the alphabet? For U, did you know there was a fruit called an Ugli fruit? Can’t find a fruit or vegetable for every letter of the alphabet? You could use a fruit or vegetable written in a different language. For example, in Chinese, watermelon is called Xigua!


Recap on Lesson 2

You’ve focused on fruit and vegetables and have probably come up with lots of examples that you eat regularly and some that you haven’t seen before! Don’t just stick to fresh fruit and veg, try canned, frozen, juiced and dried.

Make sure you get your 5 a day. You could have fruit with breakfast, carrot sticks for lunch and vegetables with your evening meal. Make a pledge and try a different fruit and veg every week!


Give your homework plenty of focus and energy! You will be hunting for lots of different types of fruit and vegetables - so whether it’s the hairiest (kiwi-fruit) or the most surprising inside (fresh fig), the more unusual your answers the better!