Lesson 1: Eat well

Watch this week’s video and find out what eating well means to Helen.


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Make a balanced plate

Try to remember which foods belong to each group on The eatwell plate. Test your memory by playing the Make a Balanced Plate activity.

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Hopefully this week’s lesson has made you hungry – but for the right kinds of food. Eat lots of fruit and veg, and plenty of starchy food with every meal. Try wholegrain varieties, such as brown bread and go for brown rice.

The Milk and dairy foods and the Meat, fish, eggs and beans foods groups are also very important. The smallest eatwell plate food group is the Foods and drinks high in fat and/or sugar, like chocolate and crisps. Go easy on foods from this group.

Write down everything you eat and drink for 2 days on an eatwell plate diagram. Remember, some of the food you eat will belong to more than one food group. Good luck!