Lesson 6: Energy Balance

Helen has another special guest to help her explain energy balance. To be a healthy weight we need to balance our energy in (from food and drink) with our energy out (by being active).


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Working out how much energy you should take in compared to the amount of activity you do can be tricky. Play the energy balance game to become a real expert, choosing either Nicola or Jordan. But remember to give them a balance and variety of foods from The eatwell plate as well as keeping their energy balanced.

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Recap on Lesson 6

Energy is measured in kilojoules or calories. The aim is to balance our ‘energy in’ and ‘energy out’. But remember, the more active you are the better!

If you didn’t score very highly on the ‘Am I Active Enough?’ questionnaire, can you be more active? You could join a new sports club or just run around more at break times.


Congratulations - you have completed the Eat Like A Champ course!

We really hope you’ve enjoyed everything you have learned and aim to take full advantage of your new healthy food knowledge in the future.

The last thing we ask is for you to make two pledges, one for healthy eating and one for being active. Perhaps you could mount your pledges on your classroom wall as a reminder of the commitments you have made!