Lesson 4: Healthy Lunches

Helen has a special guest this week – AJ! Hear them talk about what makes a healthy lunch, whether you take a packed lunch or have a school meal.


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You are now an expert at creating a healthy lunch, so why not challenge your family to join in and make a healthy lunch box together using the Lunchbox Make-over activity? You might want to have a go on your own first, just to make sure you know what needs to go in.


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Recap on Lesson 4

Now you know how regularly you should eat: breakfast, lunch and an evening meal – perhaps with a couple of snacks in between – and skipping breakfast is definitely not a good idea!

You need each meal to have a balance and variety of foods. A healthy lunch box needs to include lots of fruit and veg, plenty of starchy food like bread or pasta, some dairy food and a portion of food from the Meat, fish, eggs, beans group like chicken or tuna. It also needs to include a drink.


This is your chance to design a lunchbox. Use the lunchbox checklist to help.