Lesson 5: Snack Swaps

This week Helen talks about something we all love doing – snacking! But how can you swap some of your snacks for healthier options? Helen explains it.


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Step aside Jamie Oliver; the kids are taking over the kitchen! Once you have permission from an adult, try cooking up these tasty snacks:

Pizza toast: Toast a slice of bread on one side under the grill. On the untoasted side lay a slice of tomato, a slice of ham and a sprinkling of grated cheese. Put it back under the grill for a few minutes and then tuck in.

Layered surprise: Use a small glass or beaker and layer yogurt with chopped fruit. Try canned peaches or pineapple with some banana or berries. You could add chopped nuts for extra flavour (but watch out for any nut allergies).

Fruit kebabs: Take some satsuma segments, grapes and slices of apple. Thread them onto cocktail sticks in different patterns and hand them out to all the family!


Recap on Lesson 5

It can be hard to make healthy snack choices, especially when you’re hungry. But hopefully you’ve come away from this week’s lesson with some great ideas on how to swap unhealthy snacks for healthy ones!

There are some very easy changes you could make:

  • Swap ice cream for a frozen juice lolly – make your own by freezing juice at home!
  • Swap crisps for plain popcorn – why not make your own?
  • Swap sweets for a can of fruit in natural juice – why not eat it with a cocktail stick!


You’ve been asked to design a healthy and tasty snack for your family. First, think about what they like to eat. Then look for ideas by flicking through recipe books, magazines or surfing the web. Remember your snack needs to look good as well as taste delicious and be healthy.